Carmina trunk show in NYC this week, April 3rd + 4th. Also for the first time … we have women’s shoes to order!
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those chelseas…
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"Around the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya, a 92-year-old man named Japhlet Thambu has a tea farm. I had the opportunity to visit his farm with my friend and colleague, Laura Lee Huttenbach, who has written Mr. Thambu’s biography, forthcoming from Ohio University Press in Fall 2014. In the 1950s, Mr. Thambu (aka “the General”) led an uprising against British colonial rule that became known as the Mau Mau Rebellion. The fight eventually led to his country’s independence, which just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary while we were there on December 12th.

As Laura Lee conducted interviews, I documented the General’s home and surrounding areas for the book. The images I captured in Meru, Kenya did not conform to the portrayal of Africa I had seen in Western media. The stories I heard from Mr. Thambu and Laura Lee were equally unfamiliar. The landscape was lush, wet, and colorful. Every home offered us tea and food. People’s hospitality and hard work were just two of their greatest, yet most common, virtues. Through writing and photography about this place, Laura Lee and I hope to add another layer to the international dialogue surrounding Kenya and, by extension, Africa.”

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An African migrant sits inside a bus in Tel Aviv before it leaves en route to Holot, by Amir Cohen
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I keep getting more proud of these young men. dailypaperamsterdam spring/summer 2014 collection shot by the talented @Sharonjane . These talented young gentlemen got a great taste for style and put this out there and combining it with their African descent. Be sure to check the whole lookbook on the Daily Paper website

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Disclosure - “Voices” (Wookie Remix)


Synthesizer Videos - Vintage Synthesizer And Contemporary Synths At Work
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Patina by Dandy Shoe Care

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We dig this music video by Blitz The Ambassador, sharing his pride for his homeland Ghana. The track features Afro-Beat star Seun Kuti who adds an awesome brassy sound. Make You No Forget ooooo! 

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